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Adapter for Acer LAPTOP 90W

Adapter for Acer LAPTOP 90W



Compare the connector type of the Adapter to your laptop adapter Port. The need to match to be ensure that the adapter can plug into the laptop. Acer 90W Brand New AC Adapter is suited for all Acer series Laptops with dedicated graphics card. 19V/4.74A 90W.

Acer Adapter Price in Pakistan.

Some Laptops may also require 120W AC Adapter. Contact us if you are not sure which Adapter is suitable for your Laptop.

Input:  AC 100-240 V / 1.5A.

Output: 19V / 3.42A.

Power (W): 90W.

Pin Connection Type:  Center Pin.

Connector:  5.5mm x 1.7mm.

Output Ampere:  4.74A.

Part Number:  PA-1700-02.

The Adapter Acer LAPTOP 90W is designed to meet the power needs of your laptop. It has a 19V output for a 90W power requirement. The Adapter Acer LAPTOP 90W is one of the few adapter to work with Acer laptop. Use it to power the laptop, charge the battery, or both.

Laptop Adapter Acer Price

Seller One Month Warranty

Adapter for Acer LAPTOP 90W

Adapter for Acer LAPTOP 90W

Adapter for Acer LAPTOP 90W

Adapter for Acer LAPTOP 90W

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Stock Availability: 10 pieces.

Safeguard: AC adapter is vital device for your valuable laptop. Then, be careful to buy this device of the market before guaranteeing accurate output DC capacity (mAh) that is mentioned on the back of your laptop. Inaccurate voltage and current (mAh) can cause the laptop to unstable voltage and performance and current (mAh) will damage your laptop motherboard, battery life and other integrated electronic parts. In order to this reason, when you choose a adapter for your laptop that meets all of the three requirements: (1) Exact output voltage and current, (2) Exact DC connector / tip size and (3) Proper polarity.

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