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KTS Bluetooth Speakers Price in Pakistan

KTS is world renown Speakers comes with the higher in the sensitivity rating, the louder KTS speaker is considered excellent. An average speaker comes with a sensitivity of around 87 dB to 88 dB. A speaker with a sensitivity rating over 90 dB are super excellent.  Moreover the higher the power (watts), the louder and cleaner the speakers will play.

1.  Model No. 1330.

Price-4800, Use-Indoor Speaker. Height 13 Inch, Range-l0 Meters, Speaker Drive Size-6.5 Inch, Output Power-20W, Frequency-100Hz-20KHz, SNR->=80d8, FM Available, USB Charging-DC5V, Battery-1200mAh, Play time-up to 2 hours, Charging time-2 hours, Full Size 16 Inch.

Price-4000. Use-Indoor Speaker. Range-10 Meters. Height-12 Inch. Woofer Size-6.5 Inch. Output Power-10W. FM Available. Battery Capacity-1200mAh. 

Price-4300, Use-Out-Door/In-Door Speaker, Height 13 Inch, Range-l0 Meters, Speaker Drive Size-8 Inch, Output Power-1OW+lOW TWEETER, Frequency-100Hz-20KHz, SNR->=85d8, FM Available, USB Charging-DC5V, Battery-1500mAh, Play time-up to 2 hours, Charging time-2hours, Full Size 16 Inch. 

Price-4500, Use-Out-Door/In-Door, Speaker Size: 8" X 1pc(10w+10w Tweeter), Karaoke Audio Player, Battery-1500mAh, Function: USB/TF/FM /BLUETOOTH/TWS/AUX/MIC/REMOTE 

5.  Model No. 1198.
Price-5000, Use-Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

6.  Model No. 1247.
Price-11,000. Use-Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

7.  Model No. 1610.
Price-11,500, Use - Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

8.  Model No. 1568.
Price-12,900. Use-Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

9.  Model No. 1570.
Price-13,700. Use-Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

10.  Model No. 1626.
Price-13,500. Use-Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

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Stock Availability: 1 piece each.

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