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ADATA 2TB HD650 External Portable Hard Drive USB 3.2

ADATA 2TB HD650 External Portable Hard Drive USB 3.2


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ADATA 2TB HD650 External Portable Hard Drive USB 3.2

ADATA 2TB HD650 External Portable Hard Drive USB 3.2

The HD650 withstands shocks, drops and vibrations thanks to its extra-durable three-layer construction. We tested it, which means it can easily withstand drops from 1.5 meters. Your data is safe, so feel free to get out there and take on more challenges.

Beyond IP68 to withstand the unexpected

ADATA's external storage expertise results in a drive with full protection against dust and a submarine-like ability to survive in water. The HD650 is tested for 60 minutes in 2 meters of water - that's more than IEC IPX8 requirements! Ready to dive? *Water protection is fully applied only when the USB port cover is securely closed.

Guarded by durable triple-layered construction.

No matter what's inside, the exterior of the HD650 offers supreme protection. It has three main layers covering it, from tough silicone to a shock-absorbing shock absorber, the tough plastic shell that sits closest to the drive and holds it firmly in place.

Exclusive Shock vibration sensing technology

Lesser external drives keep trying to work even if they are dropped or hit, leading to errors and bad sectors. The HD650 features shock sensors that immediately stop all drive activity if an impact is detected. Once the vibrations are completely over, the activity resumes. You are kept fully informed with a clear status indicator.

Neat cable management

The drive has a nifty slot that runs around its casing and serves as convenient storage for the detachable USB cable. When not in use, simply unplug the cable, easily wrap it around the HD650, and go. This greatly reduces the risk of cables getting misplaced and cluttered, further enhancing your experience.


Protected surface.
Hard Disk Form Factor 2.5 Inches.
70% faster USB 3.2 Gen1.
Dazzling blue LED indicator.
Designed to absorb the hardest blows.
Mechanical Hard Disk.
Latest interface and hardware specifications.
Higher capacity handles more storage needs.


02 Years.

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